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Some Immunity from the first dose of Pfizer –CMO∙ More Pfizer expected in the next 4 weeks

KINGSTON, Jamaica. October 08, 2021.Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jacquiline Bisasaor McKenzie has noted that Jamaicans who have taken the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine have developed some level of immunity. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is expecting a shipment of the Pfizer vaccine to be in country in the next two to four weeks and will prioritise children 12 years and older and persons who are due their second dose. This comes as the country has been advised of a shipment through the COVAX facility which will arrive around that time and be sufficient to cover the second doses that are due. The Ministry is still expecting the arrival of

the supply from the US, however no definite arrival date is known.

According to the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor McKenzie, based on the

recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO), persons can wait up to 12 weeks between doses of the Pfizer vaccine. According to Dr. Bisasor McKenzie, “We had initially extended the dose interval to 42 days or 6 weeks but now there is a further extension. Starting Saturday (October 9), persons will be in the sixth week after the first dose and we want to advise persons that they will receive the second dose as soon as we receive it. They will not have to start over the course, as they will have developed some immunity from the first dose.”

“The first recommendation from the WHO was 21–28 days for the second dose of the Pfizer

vaccine. However, the WHO does acknowledge that persons may wait up to 12 weeks to receive second dose in situations, where there is scarcity of supply. The WHO advises that the second dose should be given as soon as it is available,” the CMO added.

Several points to access COVID-19 Vaccines Members of the public are reminded that they have several points to access the COVID-19 vaccines, including the 63 fixed sites in health districts across the island; 11 private sector entities; the Private Sector Vaccine Initiative and the mobile units and pop-up blitzes at offices and in town centres. Additionally, the Ministry is now registering elder, disabled and shut-ins to be vaccinated at their place of residence.


To register to become vaccinated, members of the public are encouraged to make their

appointments online at or call the Vaccination Call Centre at 888-ONE LOVE (888-663-5683). Once persons have received their appointment confirmation, they are to visit their vaccination site on time and with their government-issued identification or letter from a justice of the peace.

For those who have already had their first dose of a two-dose vaccine, they should also take along their vaccination cards.

Vaccination Status Up to 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 7, the Ministry had administered 809,471 doses of vaccines. Of that number, 512,405 were first doses, 265,363 were second doses and 31,703 were single doses (Johnson & Johnson). Meanwhile, some 76,006 persons are due their second doses this month (Oct 1-Oct 30), while a significant number of persons who have a due date for second dose before October 1 are urged to visit a vaccination site to be fully vaccinated. Jamaicans should get vaccinated against COVID-19 with the vaccines currently available to them, notably the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

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Contact: Public Relations and Communications

Ministry of Health & Wellness

(876) 633-8174

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