A Statutory Body of the

South East Regional Health Authority



Who We Are?

The South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA) is a statutory body of the Ministry of Health & Wellness. SERHA is one of four Regional Health Authorities formed as a part of the Health Sector reform, by passage of the National Health Services Act in 1997.

What We Do?

  • SERHA is responsible for the delivery of health care services to the residents of St. Catherine, St. Thomas, Kingston and St. Andrew. This represents 47% of the population of Jamaica.

  • SERHA manages 10 major hospitals. These hospitals are Bustamante Hospital for Children, Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre, Hope Institute, National Chest, Spanish Town, Linstead, Princess Margaret, Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee Hospitals.

  • Health Care is delivered through a network of nine hospitals and 92 Health Centres. Five of the nine hospitals within the region are also specialist or National Referral Hospitals. Some of these institutions also accept patients referred from other Caribbean islands.

  • There are 27 health centres in St. Catherine; 47 health centres in Kingston and St. Andrew and 17 health centres in St. Thomas

Our Category of Staff

SERHA employs approximately 8,000 people from a variety of medical and non-medical groups. These include staff directly involved with health care delivery for example nurses, doctors, technologists, pharmacists, health record administrators, attendants and public health inspectors. There are other staff members who work to ensure that the health care delivery system functions at an optimal level and give support to those charged with the direct delivery of health care.

Main Departments that falls under SERHA :

  • Regional Director’s Office
  • Regional Technical Department
  • Management Information System
  • Human Resource and Industrial Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Administrative
  • Finance
  • Audit
  • Projects
  • Operations and Maintenance

Vision Statement

The South East Regional Health Authority with the general population, seeks to facilitate a satisfying and healthy life.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the South East Regional Health Authority is to promote and safeguard the health of the Jamaican people in collaboration with individuals, groups/agencies through the provision and monitoring of cost-effective, preventive, curative, promotive and rehabilitative services delivered by adequately trained and motivated personnel.

The Quality Policy

It is the policy of the organization to:

  • Provide health care services of the highest possible standards that meet the requirements of the Jamaican people and enhance patients satisfaction through continual improvement of service delivery.

  • To ensure that all Jamaicans are being treated fairly without bias or prejudice of religion, political affiliation, race, gender, status or class.