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Public Hospitals Prepared for Hurricane Beryl

KINGSTON, Jamaica. Tuesday, July 2, 2024: Following visits to three major hospitals in

Kingston & St. Andrew and a briefing from the National Health Emergency Operations

Centre (HEOC), the Minister of Health & Wellness, Dr. the Hon. Christopher has said

that the necessary arrangements have been made for hospitals to address any eventualities during the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

“Hospital accident & emergency departments have been equipped; staff rosters have

been drafted; the dietary and water supplies have been checked and there are

adequate supplies to last for a few days, if that becomes necessary,” the Minister said.

Meanwhile, hospitals have entered emergency mode and as such, while they remain

open, outpatient services and elective surgeries have been suspended; visitations

limited and family members asked to pick up their relatives, who have been admitted for

non-critical reasons.

In commending the healthcare team, Dr. Tufton said they are being called upon to carry

the nation through a difficult time, even as the country is acknowledging their efforts

during the month of July, which has been designated as Healthcare Workers

Appreciation Month.

“I salute our healthcare workers for their commitment, service and sacrifice. You have

proven time and again that you are committed to realising the best health outcomes for

all Jamaican, the Minister said.

Dr. Tufton added his encouragement for healthcare workers to given attention to their

mental wellness during this time.

“Even as you serve the population, you are encouraged to take care of your physical

and mental health and I implore you to remain safe during this time,” he said.


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