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Message from the Regional Director Mr. Errol C. Greene International Nurses Day, May 12, 2023

Nurturing, Unselfish, Resilient, Selfless, Empathetic. These are but a few of the outstanding qualities that we ascribe to our oftentimes unsung heroes, our nurses, who are an integral part of our healthcare system. Without the care and human touch demonstrated on a daily basis, healthcare world over would not be sustainable and patients recovery would be significantly impacted.

As we recognize and celebrate International Nurses day, it is my pleasure to extend heartfelt gratitude to you, our dedicated nurses, who keep our health facilities wheels turning. Despite not working under ideal conditions at times, you continue to treat patients, provide counseling and being a shoulder and an ear to their problems. You are valuable to physicians, who depend on you to aid in the care of patients. Many of our patients have expressed gratitude for the manner in which you have shown genuine concern when they are experiencing pain and the empathy shown to their families when they lose loved ones.

Nurses are a gift to the world and though you are celebrated today, this is truly not enough time to give tribute to your tireless efforts. Your fortitude during trial some times, is testimony to your continued commitment to doing everything in the best interest of the patients you serve. During the past 3 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, you stood tall and endured to keep the population alive and helping in the recovery of thousands throughout the country.

On a personal level, in my daily interactions with our nursing staff, I see the professionalism and devotion to excellence, as you strive to assist the patients under your care. You have shown interest in my own wellbeing, if you think that I need attention. Today, I salute you all, especially the nurses within SERHA. As the oversight body, we pledge to continue working to improve your working environment, to place you on par with the rest of the world. Your services are well sought after overseas, and many of you could have accepted the offers and leave our health system, but you have chosen to remain to work through the challenges. We appreciate you and wish for all of you a memorable day, as we celebrate you with the rest of the world.

Mr. Errol. C. Greene OD, J.P.

Regional Director

South East Regional Health Authority

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