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Contract Signed for Purchase of Five Ventilators for VJH with Three-Year Maintenance

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

KINGSTON, Jamaica. Tuesday, July 18, 2023: The South East Regional Health Authority

(SERHA) has allocated JMD$48,368,452.50 to purchase five ventilators for the Victoria

Jubilee Hospital, with three years of preventative maintenance for the machines.

The official contract for the equipment was signed between SERHA and the service provider,

Medical Link Ltd, on Thursday, July 13, 2023, inside the conference room at SERHA's

Corporate Office.

Speaking during the contract signing, Mr. Wentworth Charles, Board Chairman, SERHA, said

that these new ventilators will strengthen the efforts made by the medical team at VJH to treat more neonates with severe respiratory challenges and will also increase the number of

functional ventilators at the facility to ten.

Mr. Charles further stated that "our healthcare professionals in SERHA work on a daily basis to treat, cure, and reunite our patients with their loved ones, and a big part of that is the work done by our suppliers to provide this life-saving equipment," he pointed out.

Ms. Paula McKay, Managing Director, Medical Link Ltd, assured the management of SERHA,

who were present at the contract signing, that the equipment would be delivered within 2–3

weeks after the date of signing the contract.

The VJH, under the management of SERHA, is the largest maternity hospital in the English-

Speaking Caribbean. It delivers approximately 7000 babies per year, and 1400 (20%) of those

births are premature. Of admissions, 20% (40 per month) require on average intensive care. Of the admissions to the Intensive Care Unit (both preterm and term), at least 50% require

mechanical ventilator support. SERHA is the largest of the four Regional Health Authorities,

and our mission is to improve health care services throughout the Region.

Mr. Wentworth Charles (centre), Board Chairman, SERHA, and Ms. Paula McKay (seated

right), Managing Director, Medical Link Ltd, sign a contract valued at JMD$48,368,452.50

for the procurement, delivery, installation, and commissioning of five ventilators with three

years of preventative maintenance for the Victoria Jubilee Hospital during the official

contract signing on Thursday, July 13, 2023, inside the Conference Room at the Corporate

Office. Sharing in the occasion from left are: Mr. Errol Greene (seated left), Regional

Director, SERHA; Ms. Roxanne Henlon, Senior Director, Public Procurement; Ms. Stacey-

Ann Steele, Corporate Secretary and Legal Officer, SERHA; and Mr. Lainsworth Walker,

Technical Director, Medical Link Ltd.

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