A Statutory Body of the

South East Regional Health Authority

Senior Management Team

Mr. Errol Greene

Regional Director

Dr.Sandra Chambers

Regional Technical Director

Mr. Renaire Bender

Senior Projects Manager

Mrs. Sophia Moodie-Reid

Director of Finance

Mr. Dwayne Bailey

Director of Procurement

Mr. Jaime Robinson

Director of Management and Information System

Ms. Pauline Roberts

Director of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Ms. Shuwana Johnson

Public Relations Manager

Mr. Paul McIntyre

Chief Executive Officer, Linstead Hospital

Ms. Melecia Linton

Chief Executive Officer, Princess Margaret Hospital

Mrs. Colleen Wright

Parish Manager, St. Thomas Health Services

Mr. Damion Dunbar

Chief Internal Auditor

Mr. Mark Martin

Parish Manager, St. Catherine Health Services

Mrs. Camille-Wallen Panton

Chief Executive Officer, Bustamante Hospital for Children

Mr. Dwayne Francis

Chief Executive Officer, National Chest Hospital, Hope Institute and Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre

Mr. Burknell Stewart

Chief Executive Officer, Kingston Public & Victoria Jubilee Hospitals

Mr. Anthony Wood

Parish Manager, Kington and St. Andrew Health Services

Mrs. Karlene Taylor Mckenzie

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Spanish Town Hospital