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NHF Launches Mobile Dispensing Unit at BHC

Apr 16, 2018  |  Kingston

Dr. Amada Daley, Clinical Pharmacist, Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC) explains how the mobile dispensing unit works to (L-R) Mr. Everton Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, National Health Fund; Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health; Dr. Michelle Ann Richards Dawson, Senior Medical Officer, BHC and Ms. Shailee Neish, Acting Director of Nursing Services, BHC

The National Health Fund (NHF) launched its Mobile Dispensing Unit at the Bustamante Hospital for Children on April 16, 2018. The unit is designed to enhance the distribution and management of medicine to in-patients.

Mr. Everton Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, NHF explained that the Mobile Dispensing Unit is expected to reduce waiting time, foster the early onset of therapy and reduce wastage.

At the same time, Minister of Health, Dr. the. Honourable Christopher Tufton lauded the initiative noting that it "added to the kind of service we are promoting and it fits wells with what we are trying do with the Compassionate Care Programme."

The Mobile Dispensing Unit is being launched as a pilot at the Bustamante Hospital for Children and will also be rolled out in the Kingston Public Hospital, Spanish Town Hospital and the Mandeville Regional Hosptial.

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