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South East Regional Health Authority

SERHA Celebrates Senior Citizens' Month

Sep 21, 2017  |  Kingston

Physiotherapists from the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) lead an aquatic therapy session for senior citizens during activities to commemorate Senior Citizen's Month at the Rockfort Mineral Bath and Spa Complex in Kingston.

Over 50 senior citizens benefitted from a treat hosted by the

South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA) in celebration of Senior

Citizens’ Month.

The seniors came from the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Thomas

and St. Catherine. Majority of them came from the communities of Kingston

and St. Andrew including members from the Golden Age Home, Maxfield

Community, Spring Field Community Church, Duke Street United Church and

Gordon Town Citizens Club.

Senior Citizens’ month is geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle,

especially among the elderly. This is in keeping with the mandate of the

Jamaica Moves campaign spearheaded by the Ministry of Health.

The seniors were exposed to a number of activities including aquatic

physical therapy exercises to strengthen the muscles and to provide relief

for knee and back pains. The therapy session was led by the Kingston Public

Hospital (KPH) Physiotherapy Department.

In addition, other activities for the day included educational sessions as

well as health checks.

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